How to create a new user in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS (Content Management System) software around the world. It has many amazing features including the ‘user roles’ where each user has a different role of the management system in the WordPress. If you are the administrator of your WordPress website then you can create a new user in the WordPress that includes administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber user etc.

If you have installed WordPress Multisite Network in your site, you can also create a super admin user in your WordPress. The super admin user has the ability to access & manage network, plugins, themes and all the other settings of your website.

In this guide we’ll discuss how to create a new user in WordPress dashboard manually. WordPress has the various user role management systems such as the ability to write, edit or publish content on your website. The default role for new user can be set in WordPress administrator panel in WordPress dashboard.

Steps to Create a New WordPress User in WordPress Dashboard Manually

Following are the steps to create a new WordPress user in your WordPress dashboard:

Step 1) Firstly, you need to login your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2) After logging in your WordPress dashboard, you need to scroll down the cursor and click on User link in the navigation menu on left hand side of the WordPress dashboard.

Click on the user link in WordPress dashboard

Step 3) Click on the Add New button.

Click on the add new button in WordPress dashboard

Step 4) After clicking the ‘Add New’ button, a form asking the user details will appear.

New WordPress user

Step 5) Fill in the details of the new user in all the blank fields. Following is the brief description of all the available options:

a) User Name: Enter the User name to be used while you are logging into the WordPress dashboard.

b) Email: Enter the Email address of the new user E.g:

c) First Name: Enter the First Name of the new user

d) Last Name: Enter the Last Name of the new user

e) Website: Enter the website URL owned by that user E.g:

f) Password: Enter the strong password to keep the account safe form hacker to be used while you are logging into the WordPress dashboard.

g) Send Password: You need to check mark the ‘check box’ to forward an email containing the specification of this account to the email address that you have entered in the above Email field.

h) Role:In this field you need to select from drop down list menu and choose user role that you would like to assign to that user.

The user roles that you can select are described below:

1) Super Admin: Super admin means the person who can access the site network administrator features and all the other settings of your website.

2) Administrator: It gives full access of your website to the user & they can perform all the tasks like deleting updating and posting the content

3) Editor: It can edit, view, publish and delete any post/pages of your website and manage other posts of users.

4) Author: It can publish, edit and delete their post and manage their own post.

5) Contributor: it can edit and manage their own post but couldn’t publish them.

6) Subscriber: They can only manage their profile and have the right to comment on the posts.

Note: Please be very careful while assigning the new user role in the WordPress user as you are assigning the users the responsibility to manage your website. If you add someone as an administrator that means you are giving him all the rights to access & manage your website & that user becomes capable of deleting any of your posts, pages, themes, plugins and contents of your website.

Step 6) After filling up all the required fields as mentioned above then you need to click on Add New User Button.

Now create a new WordPress user

Once you have done all the above setting then you can see a new user has been created in user page of your WordPress dashboard.

new WordPress user created

Congratulations! You have created a new WordPress user successfully.