How to configure and manage WordPress comments and settings

WordPress Comments are the written opinion, expressions or views of website’s visitors on your post, content or anything written on your website. When comments are enabled on a website then visitors can discuss with each other and also give their views on the content of website.

If comments are enabled on your website then after your post several text boxes are appearing under your post in which you can give their views or opinion regrading the content or post of your WordPress website. Once visitor comment on the post or content on your website then after that you need to approve their comments. After approving, the comments are visible to everyone.

It is very important for website’s owner to enable comments system on its website. It is also very important for developer or designer of website to manage the WordPress comment.

In this guide we are explaining you the steps for managing your WordPress comments for spam free. You can also moderate and secure your comments from spam using this guide.

For managing the WordPress comments you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1) Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2) On the left side of navigation menu, you need to click on Setting > Discussion.

Discussion Settings in WordPress

Step 3) Now you will be redirected to Discussion Settings page. Here you need to selects some settings as per your needs. Below is explanation of settings that you need to select.

1) Default article settings: In this setting you can allow peoples or visitors to comments on a new post of your WordPress post.

2) Other comment settings: Here you can allow visitors to register with their name and email before commenting on your WordPress website. This will reduce the possibility of comment spam in your WordPress website.

3) E-mail me whenever: You can select this setting if you want to get notification on your email whenever new comment is posted on your WordPress website.

4) Before a comment appears: You can check this option if you want to approve the comment before visible it to your WordPress website.

5) Comment moderation: In Comment Moderation settings you can check if you don’t allow visitors to comment with excessive numbers of links.

6) Comment blacklist: You block an IP or comment that you are noticing the spam comment on your WordPress website.

7) Avatars: You can check this setting if you want to display that Avatar image of visitor on your website.

Discussion Settings in WordPress

Step 4) Now you need to scroll down and click on Save Changes button.

Save Changes in Discussion Settings

One the message Setting Saved is displayed on the screen, all the settings and configuration of managing comment in WordPress is done.