How to clear your website’s cache in WordPress

When you are using caching plugins in WordPress to speed up your WordPress website then sometimes you need to clear the cache in WordPress. If the changes that you have made are not displaying on your website then it is possible that it may be due to caching by your WordPress cache plugin. So you need to clear cache in WordPress as your website may still be loading the cached version of your web page on your browser.

So to display the recent changes that you have just made on your website you need to clear caches in your WordPress. You can easily clear cache using the below mentioned steps:

Step 1) Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left side of Navigation bar, you need to click on Settings > WP Super Cache.

WP Super cache in WordPress

Step 3) Now you will be redirected to WP Super Cache page, you need to scroll down to Delete Cached Pages section and click on Delete Cache button as shown in the below screenshot.

Delete Cache in WordPress

After pressing Delete Cache button your have successfully cleared the caches of your WordPress. Now the WP cache Plugin will cache the latest version of your webpage whenever someone will visit on your website.