How to change the WordPress title and tagline of your website

While installing the WordPress in your hosting account you need to enter the temporary Site name and Tagline. After the completion of WordPress’s Installation Site name and Tagline is displaying on your website as shown in the below screenshot.

If you want to change the Site name and Tagline after the completion of WordPress’s installation then you can easily change it by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1) Login to your WordPress’s Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left side of Navigation bar, click on Settings > General.

Step 3) Now you are redirected to General Settings page in your WordPress. Now you need to make the following changes:

Site Title: In this field you need to enter the new title for your website. You can erase the old title and enter the new title.

Tagline: In this text box you can erase the old tagline and update the new tagline as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4) Scroll down to bottom of the page and click on Save Changes button.

Congratulations!! You have successfully changed the customize Title and tagline in your WordPress dashboard.