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How to change your PHP version using the MultiPHP manager in cPanel

Multiphp Manager allow cPanel users to select any PHP version for their website as per the requirement.

change PHP version in cPanel

Normally PHP version 7.0 is set as default PHP version in most of the shared hosting server.

But in case your website need higher or lower pHP version then you can easily change it using Multiphp Manager option in cPanel.

So this article include all steps which helps you to allow change PHP version for any website hosting using your hosting account with MultiPHP Manager.

In all our hosting plans we have enabled Multiphp Manager option which helps cPanel users to change PHP version from their end without contacting our support team.

Steps to Change PHP Versions Using MultiPHP Manager

So let’s start! For changing the PHP version using MultiPHP Manager in cpanel you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1) To change the PHP version using MultiPHP Manager, first of all you need to login to cPanel.

Step 2) Now you need to scroll down to SOFTWARE section and click on MultiPHP Manager option.

click on multiphp manager in cpanel

Step 3) Under Set PHP Version per Domain, list of all domains is displaying with PHP version. You need to select the domain name whose PHP version you want to change.

select checkbox list

Step 4) After selecting the domain name, you need to select the PHP version from the drop down menu next to the PHP version list box.

select php version from dropdown list

Note: You must need to select EasyApache php version (i.e. starting from ea-php).

Step 5) Click on Apply button to effect the changes immediately.

click on apply button

Congratulations! The PHP version is now changes for your selected domain.

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