How to change your WordPress password from the admin dashboard

Sometimes you need to change your login password because of security purpose as it might get hacked. So here are the steps you need to follow to change the current password via WordPress dashboard. This password change is only possible if you remember the current password of your WordPress. These steps are simple and really easy for changing the Password. It is not as tough as changing the Password from the database.

Follow this Procedure to Change the Password via WordPress Dashboard

Step1: Login into the WordPress Dashboard.

Step2: You will see the Menu Bar in the left side of the WordPress.

Step3: Click on the “Users” in the Menu Bar”.


Step4: A new page will be open. Click on “Edit” button under your username.


Step5: Scroll Down at the Bottom and click on the “Generate Password” button to generate a new secure password. We recommend you to always use this automatically generated password. If you want to set a password with your choice then you can remove the generated password and fill it with a secure password.



Step6: Click on “Update Profile” to Save your Password.


Step7: Now you will See this Message “Profile updated” and your Password has been Successfully changed.