How to block an IP address from accessing your website in cPanel

Deny IP address means you can stop visiting any particular IP address or a range of IP addresses on you website. You can easily deny IP addresses from your cPanel.cPanel has a feature “IP Address Deny Manager” in which you can easily manage IP addresses or domain names.

What is the need to deny IP address or Domain name?

Sometimes Spammers or hackers can try to harm your website. Then you can Deny any IP address/range of IP address or domain to stop spams on your website. You can check visitors IP Address list by scrolling down under “Hosts” section from AW Stats in your cPanel

To deny IP address or domain name from your cPanel you need to do following steps:

Step1: Login to your cPanel.

Step2: Scroll down to Security section and click on “IP Address Deny Manager” icon .

IP Address Deny Manager in cPanel

Step3: In “IP Address or Domain” you need to enter the IP address or domain name which you want to deny.

You can also use the following formats to block IP’s:

Single IP Address: In it only one IP will block. For example: If you will enter then only this IP will block.

Range: In it you can block a range of IP’s. For example: If you will enter then the range from 1.1 to 5.1 will blocked and if enter then 18.1.1 to 20.1.1 will block.

Implied Range: In this format you can block a particular range of IP’s. For example: If you will enter then only 40 IP’s will blocked.

Implies: It means if you are enter “13.” only then all the IP’s after will block.

Add IP Address to Deny

Step4: Click on “Add” button.

Click Add buton to deny IP

Congratulation! You have successfully blocked IP using the above steps. Now the blocked IP is not able to access you website.