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How to create a backup of your WordPress website in cPanel

WordPress is most popular CMS software that is useful to create and Design website easily without implementing lines of code.

Now a days most of the WordPress Websites on internet are not safe because your website may get hacked so you need to take Backup to be on the safer side. Once you have built your WordPress website you surely do not want to loose it.

An alternative to prevent being hacked or lose your WordPress website is to take Backup of your WordPress website.

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Why Backup your WordPress Website

On the internet nothing is safe & any intruders or hackers can try to harm your website. So you need to take measures to be on the safer side.

Below mentioned are some reasons why you need to Backup your WordPress Website:

1) If you do not take the backup of your website your website’s contents may lose as website’s on internet are not safer from hackers, viruses and you can not rollback your website once it has been lost or damaged & all your effects go in vein.

2) Your Website may get corrupted due to your some of the unoptimzed Plugin(es) or Theme(es) that you are using on your WordPress Website.

3) Backup helps in saving your website’s data from being lost due to technological Damaged or technical breakdown.

4) You may also Delete your entire website accidentally by clicking on the Delete Button and there is no any option left to get back your lost data.

Steps to Backup WordPress Website

The Backup of your WordPress Website includes 2 major steps and you need to follow these 2 steps to backup your WordPress Website.

We are listing below Step by Step formation How to take Backup of your WordPress website:

Are you ready? Okay let’s continue reading..

Step 1) Backup WordPress Files

The very first step that you need to do to backing up your WordPress Core files appeared in public_html folder in your cPanel. It includes all files of your WordPress such as index.php,wp-admin, Wp-config.php, Wp-content etc.

Step 2) Backup WordPress Database

The another major step need to do to backing up your WordPress Database including your all the Database’s, their Posts, Comments, Plugins, Themes Settings and Styles etc.

We are elaborating below in details the whole procedure that seems to be easy and quick to Backing up your WordPress website.

1. Backup WordPress Files

The first major step is to backing up all your WordPress files (Installation / core files) such as Wp-config.php file, wp-content file, index.php, and other themes, plugins related files that exist in your WordPress.

Wp-config.php file is the configuration file of your WordPress Database: DB name,User-name, password etc. if your config file get corrupted or lost then you may encounter error with Database connection.

On other hand, Wp-content file seems to be a folder that stores your WordPress content in sub-folders named as Plugins, Themes, uploads that are being used currently in your WordPress DashBoard.

Uploads Folder contains your uploaded data on website which is necessary to keep safe being delete or destroy as it causes your website to be display nothing on server.


Following are the steps to take Backup of your WordPress Core files shown with screenshots:

1) Log in to your cPanel.

2) In Files section click on File Manager icon.

File Manager in cpanel

3) Now click on Public_html folder in your File Manager icon.

publichtml folder in cpanel

4) you need to check mark the select all button as shown below. This will select all the core files including Wp-content & wp-config.php file.

selecting all core files in cpanel

5) Right click on selected files and click on compress.

compress files in cpanel

6) Select Compression type and location where you want to store the compressed files and click on Compress file(es) button.

compressed corefiles in cpanel by selecting compression type and click on Compress files button

Now your all the files have been successfully compressed and saved to your desired location.

2. Backup WordPress Database

I hope you have successfully Backed up your WordPress Website including Installation files but you also need to take the Backup of your Database which is important too. The WordPress Database contains all your Posts, Comments, Plugins and Themes Settings.

It is a really good practice to take Backup of your WordPress Database after all it includes a number of Database(es) of your WordPress website and all the configuration settings for your Plugins, Themes, and Border / Style or other additional settings.

You can take the Backup of your WordPress Database in 2 methods as listed below:

Method 1) backup phpMyAdmin database in cpanel.

You can easily take WordPress Database backup in PhpMyAdmin including your all Database(es), Database Users, and other contents such as your Posts, Comments, Plugins, Themes and other settings.

A phpMyAdmin is a software tool that helps you to Create, Modify, Access and delete the table’s, rows and other associated data of Database.

All your database files and other contents is stored in phpMyAdmin and you do not want to lose your Posts and Comments that is why it is advised to Backup your website in regular intervals.

Method 2) backup mysql database in cpanel.

The another method is backing up your Database via Mysql in cPanel including your Database(es), DB Users and your posts, Comments, etc.

Well, You would not believe it how easy and quick it is !! let’s continue..

1.backup phpMyAdmin database in cpanel

The first method that you can use to backing up your Database via phpmyadmin in your cPanel. This method is quite easy you just need to do few clicks and the job is done.

You simply need to visit Database of which you want to take backup and click on Export option from the Menu and further click on Go button, the downloading process get start in your PC / Laptop.

Following are the steps to take backup of your WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin:

1) Log in to your cPanel.

2) Scroll down to Databases section in cPanel.

3) Click on phpMyAdmin as shown in the screenshot below.

phpmyadmin cpanel

4) On the left hand side you will see all the Databases, click on Database that you want to Backup.

phpmyadmin databases in cpanel

5) Click on Export option from the given options at Top of the panel.

6) You will see 2 Export methods, choose Quick option and click on Go button.

export database phpmyadmin in cpanel

If you select Custom option will display all possible options.

custom option export database phpmyadmin in cpanel

Now your Database has been Exported and file downloaded in your download location.

2.backup mysql database in cpanel

The another easy method backing up your Database via Mysql in your cPanel. Similarly, you need to select desired Database of which you want to take backup and the files will get start to download into your desired location.

If you think the above instructions is not enough for you and you want to continue reading then please read our guide How to backup your MySQL database in cpanel? to go through the whole procedure about backing up your Mysql database in cPanel.



I hope this article was beneficial for you and you have Backed up your WordPress Website successfully.

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