How to backup your MySQL database from your cPanel account

Every time when a new website goes online, a new database is created in your cPanel which contains all the records related to your website that may be related to your plugins, post or comments. But nowadays to avoid the future failure uncertainty it is highly recommended by every hosting provider that the owner/designer of the website should keep the backup of their database related to their website.

The advantages of keeping the backup is that you can easily restore your website to resume the operation if it goes down due to some technical failure.

It is quite easy to backup your website’s database as you have a backup wizard in your cPanel offered with your hosting account.

Below are the steps by following which you can easily backup the database related to your any website.

Step1: Login to cPanel.

Step2: Scroll down to File section and click on “Backups” icon.

Backups icon in cPanel

Step3: Under Download a MySQL Database Backup section, click on “your database name” which has been created for your website.

Please have a look at screenshot as shown below:

download mysql database backup in cPanel

Note: To check the name of your database of a WordPress website simply go to your public_html folder or the folder of your domain name and then open wp-config file in View mode. You can easily find the database name in this file by searching DB_Name.

Step4: Save the backup on your PC/Mobile of desired website just by clicking the Okay button in the dialog box.

Wait for the downloading process to get completed and then you can find the backup of your website in Zip format in the default set downloads content folder.