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How to add HTML code directly to a WordPress post or page

HTML Tags are the tags or keywords that someone can use for formatting the content of your website. These HTML tags tell the browsers that how the define content will displaying in website.

You can also add HTML in your WordPress’s website. If you want to add HTML code like heading tag, break tag, etc. then you can easily add or enter HTML code in WordPress.

You can easily add or enter the HTML tag in your website’s page or post using this guide.

To enter or add the HTML code to your WordPress post or page you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

1) Login to your WordPress’s dashboard.
2) On the left side of page in navigation bar click on Pages or Post link in which you want to enter the HTML.

Add post in WordPress

3) Now you will see all pages and posts of your website. You need to click on the Page or Post in which you want to enter the HTML.

Edit post in WordPress
4) To enter HTML you need to click on “Text” tab as shown in screenshot.

Text view in wordpress
5) After clicking on Text tab you can see the content/text of your post/page. You can now enter the HTML as shown in the screenshot.

Enter HTML tag in WordPress
6) Click on “Update” button to save the changes.

Save the changes of post in wordpress
7) Now you can check the HTML link that you have added by visiting your website’page or post.

Check HTML tag in WordPress
Congratulations! You have successfully entered HTML code or tag in your WordPress’s post or page using the above steps.

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