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How to add funds to your DomainKing.NG account

The Add Funds option provides you with the facility to add funds to your credit balance. You can use these funds to order any new services or renew existing services in your Domainking.NG account.

Note: You can add funds with a minimum amount of N10,000 & up to the maximum amount of N250,000.

We have provided different payment methods through which you can add funds to your account:

To add funds in your account from the client panel you need to do the following:

1. Login to the client panel at Domainking.NG.
2. At the top, click on Billing and then click on Add Funds.

Add Fund at DomainKing.NG

3. Now in the add funds section, scroll down & enter the following:
Amount to Add: Enter the amount that you want to add to your account balance.
Payment Method: Select the payment method with which you want to pay.

Add Funds Amount at DominKing.NG

4. After that click on the“Add Funds” button.

An invoice will be generated and you will be redirected to the payment gateway depending upon the payment method chosen.

Once the invoice has been paid the funds will be added to your account balance.

You can use these funds to buy any service or renew any existing services at Domainking.NG.

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