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How to add CAPTCHA to your WordPress comment & login forms?

A CAPTCHA can be defined as a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It works as a security test to prevent the automated/spamming requests sent by bots. As we know WordPress is having many security flaws so it is important to keep it secure from the scammers/bots.

In this tutorial we have explained you how you can enable Captcha on your WordPress website using a plugin named Google Captcha. So below are the steps which you can follow to enable the CAPTCHA security on your website.

Step 1) Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2) On the left side of your dashboard navigate to Plugins button and then click on Add New.

Add New Plugin in WordPress

Step 3) In the Search plugins box enter the name of the plugin as: Google Captcha and press enter button.

captcha plugin

Step 4) Go to Google Captcha plugin in search result, and then click Install Now.

install captcha

Step 5) After completion of the installation process, click on Activate Plugin.

Step 6) Click on the Settings link just below the currently activated plugins: “Google Captcha”.

Step 7) For using Google Captcha you need to create a public and private key. To do this, scroll down to Authentication section and click on the registration link and then follow the procedure as mentioned there.

Step 8) After clicking on registration link you need to login with your GMAIL account. After entering your login details, you need to click on Get the API Keys as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 9) Now you need to register your website on same page for generating the site and secret key for enabling captcha on your website. You need to enter the Label and Domains and click on
Register button as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 10) When you will click on Register button Site Key and Secret Key will be displaying on screen. You can note these keys to use in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 11) Now you need to enter your noted Site and Secret Key in Google reCAPTCHA settings which required to save the Google reCAPTCHA settings.

Step 12) After entering these keys in correspondence fields you can scroll down and click on Save Changes button.

Once you have saved the settings CAPTCHA will be activated on your website and you can verify it by visiting your website and testing this.

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