SSL Certificates by DomainKing

Let your customers know that you love them and you care about their security. Buy a SSL for your hosting plan. Choose a plan that fits your budget or suits your need. We also help you in installations of SSL on your hosting package. Note: Dedicated IP is required on the hosting plan to install SSL. We offer dedicated ip at N850/mo per IP.
Plans Positive SSL SSL 123 SGC SuperCert WildCard Server Cert
Price N5000/yr N10500/yr - -
Approval Time Few Hours Few Hours 2-3 Days 2-3 Days
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Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation Full Organization Verification Full Organization Verification
Secured Domains 1 1 1 Unlimited Sub Domains
Dedicated IP Dedicated IP is required on your hosting account to install the SSL. You can order a dedicated IP for N850/mo
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What is SSL?

SSL stands for security and trust online. Let your customer know that his data is secure and you are a verified and trusted organization. Data is sent to your server in secure & encrypted format when you use SSL, this keeps data safe from hackers. And SSL icons shows your user that they can bank on you. Banks use it, Ecommerce Sites use it and even your competitors use it.


How to check an SSL?

Sites with SSL show padlock sign on browser and if you have ordered an Organization validated SSL then your company's name is also displayed on browser in green like you see on Bank Websites.