How to Login to your WordPress Admin Panel

WordPress Admin Panel also called WordPress dashboard enables users to edit, use and manage all the features of WordPress like creating new posts, creating pages, installing new wordpress themes and managing the website templates etc.

New webmasters, bloggers and WordPress beginners sometimes find it difficult to login to their WordPress admin panel also known as WordPress Dashboard. In this tutorial we show you the simple steps on how you can login to your WordPress Admin Panel

To login to your WordPress Admin panel or Dashboard you will require the following details:

WordPress Login URL: This is the URL from which you can access your WordPress admin panel. In most cases it will be, if you have installed WordPress on the root folder.

Username: This is the Username that you had set during your WordPress installation.

Password: This is the password that you had set during your initial WordPress installation.

Now here are the simple steps to login to your wordpress admin panel:

1) Open your Web browser and in the navigation bar type the following URL:

In case you have installed wordpress on root/main folder and not in any sub-directory or subdomain then your WordPress URL will be:

Wordpress Admin panel URL

If you have installed WordPress in a subdirectory like "wp" or "abc". Then you can access wordpress from: for "wp" subdirectory for "abc" subdirectory

When you have installed wordpress on a subdomain like "" then your wordpress admin panel will be visible at:

2) After vising the WordPress URL, Enter your login details that is your Username and Password and click "Log In" button.

Wordpress Admin panel Login page

After clicking "Log In" button you will redirect to WordPress Dashboard page, Once there you can start using WordPress and its features.