How to reset WordPress admin password?

Resetting WordPress password feature comes to play when we are no longer having access to our WordPress dashboard or you have forgotten the password of your WordPress dashboard. There are different ways by which you can reset the password of your WordPress. Like resetting from cPanel and resetting from your login page.

So here I am explaining how you can reset your WordPress password from your WordPress login page.

To reset your WordPress login password you need to do following steps:

Step1: Open any web browser on your PC/Mobile which must has "cookies" enabled.

Step2: In the Address Bar enter the URL for login into your WordPress dashboard and click on enter. For example it is "".

Step3: Once the page has been loaded completely, Click on the "Lost Password" link just below the square box given for entering the login details.

Step4: Enter the "username/Email address" that you had entered while installing the WordPress on your hosting account and click on "Get New Password" button.

Step5: Login into your "Email" which you have just entered for checking the resetting link and after finding the email click on the "link" sent to you for resetting the password.

Step6: Click on the blank field given under the "New Password" option. A new system generated password will be generated automatically for you. You can use the same password or if you want to set a strong password by your own then you can delete it and set a unique password yourself.

Step7: After setting the password click on "Reset password" button.

Your password for WordPress admin panel has been successfully changed and now you can login into your WordPress dashboard with new login details just by clicking the Login link.