How to Install WordPress manually

If you are not using Softaculous to Install WordPress, you can download WordPress manually and then install it to the server. Below are the tutorial which helps you install WordPress manually.

Steps to install WordPress manually

Step 1: Download the latest version of WordPress from the official WordPress site.

Step 2: After downloading WordPress then login to your CPanel.

Step 3: Scroll down to Files section and click on “File Manager”.

Step 4: Click on public_html folder then upload your zip file here which you have downloaded in your PC.

Step5: Now you need to extract file here for your WordPress site.

Step6: After that create new database and add user to database with full permission.

Step7: Search and select wp-config-sample.php file then click on rename at top navigation bar and write wp-config.php

Step8: Then Edit wp-config.php file and scroll down select the link from your config.php file as shown in the screenshot and open it in the new tab where you will get the authentication keys for your domain.

(Note: The authentication keys are different for every domain.)

Step9: Now copy these authentication keys and paste into config.php file as shown.

Step10: Now you need to open in a separate tab. A page will shown on your screen.

Step11: Select your default language and click on button.

Step12: Now fill all the fields as follow:

Database Name: The name which you have entered while creating database.

Username: The username which you have entered while creating database user.

Password: The password which you have entered while creating database.

Database Host: Here you need to enter “localhost”.

Table Prefix: Table prefix always set to “wp_”.

Step13: click on the button at the bottom left side.

Step14: New page will open is just the confirmation from you for starting the WordPress installation. You need to click on the .

Step15: Now fill the fields with your Site title, username , password and email. Also you have check box for search engine visibility that you can use to discourage search engines from indexing the site.

Step16: Click on the WordPress after filling all the fields.

Now Your WordPress is successfully installed in your hosting account. You can open your WordPress dashboard by filling up the username and password that you was set while installing the WordPress then click on Log in.