How to change the Font size in WordPress

Introduction- In this article, we are discussing about Changing the Font in WordPress means changing the font size ,making it Italic or Bold according to user needs and requirements. Also you can use CSS editor to change the size of the fonts for the Theme.

Changing Font Size within a Page or Post in WordPress

Below are the steps to how to change the font size in WordPress.

Step 1: Login to the WordPress Admin dashboard.

Step 2: Add New Post/Page or Edit existing post.

Step 3: Then click on the Toolbar toggle shown in the screenshot. In the toolbar you will see the menu of different items like bold, italic or other options.

Step 4: After clicking on the toolbar toggle a menu will be open in which you can bold your icon or making it italic. And then select paragraph option from the menu and select your heading style which will change your font size according to your requirements. Below is the screenshot.

Changing the Font Header sizes in the WordPress Theme Stylesheet

If you want to change the size of the header font within your theme. This can be easily done by editing the Style.css file. Here are the screenshot.

Step 1: Login to the WordPress Admin dashboard.

Step 2: In the left menu bar select Editor under Appearance. As shown in the screenshot.

Step 3: When you open Editor you will see the files as shown in screenshot.

Step 4: Then scroll down to style section i.e scroll down until you find section “h1{” .

Step 5: Then scroll down to the line you will find the “font-size: 26px”. Then edit pixel(px) according to your needs the pixel value may vary depend upon header.

In this H1 is the largest as you increase to h2<<h3<<h4<<h5<<h6 the fonts gets smaller.

Step 6: After doing all the above steps then click on the button to save the settings.