How to add a Domain as Add-on in cPanel

Add-On domain is a fully independent domain with its own website, email addresses, forwarders etc. on the server which is hosted on your hosting account. It is different from you hosting plan's main domain. In a hosting plan that allows you to host more than 1 domain, you will have 1 primary/main domain and the others as add-on domains.

Example: A Hosting plan on which you can host 4 domains, it means that you can host 1 primary(main) domain + 3 add-on domains.

To add an add-on domain in your cPanel hosting account you need to follow the following steps:

1) Change the nameservers of your domain that you want to add as addon domain in your cpanel. You need to enter the name servers of your hosting account in which you want to add an add-on domain. Read our guide on How to Change the Nameservers of your domain.

Note: You can find the nameservers of your hosting account in the Hosting welcome email with the subject "New Hosting Account Information" that was sent to you when your hosting account was activated. Or you can contact your hosting provider for nameservers of your hosting account.

2) After changing the nameservers, please wait for few hours for the DNS settings to propagate and work properly.

3) Login to your cPanel.

4) Scroll down to Domains section and click on the "Addon Domains" icon.

Add-on Domain in cPanel

5) Enter the following details:

a) New Domain Name: Enter your domain name that you want to add as add-on domain.

b) Subdomain or FTP Username: Leave this box as it is. cPanel will automatically fill this box & create the username for your add-on domain.

c) Document Root: home dir/: Don't input anything in this box. Cpanel will automatically fill this text box & create directory for your add-on domain on the server.

d) Password: Type a strong password or you can use "Password Generator" for generating the password.

e) Password (Again): Retype your password here. If you are using system generator password then cPanel will automatically fill this text box.

Create an Add-on Domain in cPanel

6) Click on "Add Domain" button.

Now your add-on domain has been added in your hosting account. You can start using and managing your add-on domain from the cPanel.